How much will it cost?

We can give you a estimate over the phone if you have the size of the image and can describe what you would  like.  All phone quotes are rough estimates only.  If you bring in your work we will give you a free quote on a specific design!

We have a display in the shop which depicts the same 8 x 10 image with various treatments ranging from $25 to $350.  So, prices will vary with material and design selections.  Based upon customer comments, our prices usually are less than the large craft stores even AFTER their 50% off coupons.  Our Frugal Framing Special simply can’t be beat!

What’s the best way to get ideas and prices for some framing projects?

The best way to get ideas is to bring the art or memorabilia in and we can work up a design and free quote.  Seeing the piece and talking to you about your tastes and needs will better enable us to recommend colors, textures and designs.  All quotes are free and will be retained in our computer for easy ordering once you’ve made your decision.

How long does it take to get my framing back? 

Normal scheduled turn-around is two weeks.  We usually can beat that projected delivery.  We can provide one day turn-around under special circumstances if in stock materials are selected.

Can you match the frame I bought years ago? 

Very often this can be done.  We have access to a large selection of frame styles. (Over 3000 on display in the shop!) Unfortunately, it’s not always going to be possible.  The frame may have been discontinued by the manufacturer, or the manufacturer may no longer be in business. It may still be available, but substantially different due to variations in wood or finishes. If you’d like a series of matching frames for graduation or wedding photos, it’s best to buy them all at once. The pictures can be put in the frames as they become available. Sometimes a far better solution is to treat each picture individually instead of matching all the frames in a grouping. Look for frames with similar style rather than perfect matches. We can help you with that.

Will you just cut a mat or piece of glass?

Yes!  We’ll be happy to cut a mat, glass, or even just make you a frame for you to put together yourself.

Can you just re-mat a picture? Can you repair broken glass? Can you reuse my frame?

Yes, if you have a useable frame.  We will gladly cut a new mat, cut new glass, or other minor repairs.

Do you repair frames?

We do basic repairs, such as fixing loose corners, some retouching of minor dings and scratches, replacing broken glass or torn dust seals. We will find a restorer for antique gilding and restoration work, but it is not done by us in our shop.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee your satisfaction!  Success at Framed In Tatnuck depends on your satisfaction.  If anything misses our rigorous inspection, we want to correct it!  Please let us know, so we can!

Do you pack and ship framed art?

That is a very specialized area that we leave to the experts. There are a number of different options, such as the UPS, or FedEx stores.

Do you deliver? 

Sorry, Not since Covid.  Delivery can be arranged!

Do you hang pictures? 

Sorry, Not since Covid, but we can refer you to a local business that can help.